Ms. Gleek
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Ms. reference and Gleek62442

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November 8,2011

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Best Friends

Ms. Gleek is the pairing of Ms. reference and Gleek62442. They are best friends.


  • Reffy asked anyone in the Off Topic Blog 8 who wants to be friends and Gleek was one of the people who said yes.
  • Clifford taught Reffy how to make userboxes. Bleghh!!!
  • Ms. reference once got Gleek to go on chat.
  • Once he left chat they started talking about soup.
  • She asked Gleek why he hated chins and he replied.
  • They were in Chat - alone.
  • Clifford wondered how do you eat crabs, and Ref said,"I.have.No.Idea."


  • They both love Glee.
  • They both hate the phrase "Teach me how to dougie."
  • They both use the acronym "IK," which means "I know."
  • they both hate homophobic people.
  • They both hate Fantage Wiki.
  • Ms. reference was the 4th person to sign the petition to bring Gleek back.
  • Ms. reference was the first to tell him what The Victorious Advertiser was.
  • They both do not know how to eat lobsters... until Sonja and Michelle came and saved the day.
  • They both scream at people who enter chat.
  • They both hate Coke.
  • They both like HOA.
  • In HOA they both ship :Ferome, Patrome,Mickra, and Fabina