Obviously it goes in this order: Tori is George, Deni is Paul and Nikki is John.

Shipped Users:

Tori, Nikki and Deni.

Type of ship:

Canon/Tri-Pairing/The awesome type.

Ship Status:


Start date of relationship:

When The Beatles got together.

NikkiToreni is the awesome, amazing tri-pairing between Nikki, Deni and Tori (Nikki + Tor/i + De/ni). They all love each other berry, berry much. They have a lot in comon, that creep them out.


  • They all love each other berry berry much and it's clear Deni writed this.
  • They all love classic rock.
  • They are in love with their guitars.
  • They all like either horses or unicorns.
  • Nikki and Deni ship Bat, but Tori doesn't, so Deni tries to convince her but she knows that it's never happening.
  • Nikki and Deni made this without Tori's permission but they don't care.


  • Deni mentions Tori often in Nikki's Talk Page back in the V wiki.
  • Nikki and Deni talked about how much they crush on Robert Plant and Jimmy Page even though they are senior citizens now anyway, and Tori was all like: Derp.

Fan representationEdit

Official song: Anything that's related to classic rock... Problem?

Official color: Idk Purple? xD.

Official mascot: A UniBeatle. (A Unicorn and the Beatles mixed together. It isn't that complicated.! Ok maybe it is...)

Official place: Strawberry Fields.