Niklaine is the pairing of Nikki and Klaine, the ship of Blaine and Kurt from Glee. 


Start of relationship:

November ? 2012

Ship Status:


Type of ship:

Ship and Shipper


  • Klaine is all Nikki talks and thinks about every minute of every hour of every single day.
  • Klaine is pretty much Nikki's life.
  • Nikki reads Klaine fanfics 24/7.
  • Nikki has approximately 5k pictures of them in her Camera Roll.
  • Nikki can't breathe, suffocates, and thus dies when something cute appears or happens.
  • Nikki made her sister and mom ship Klaine.
  • Nikki edits pictures.
  • The letters of "Nikki" and "Klaine" fit together well - another possible ship name could be Klainikki.
  • Nikki is also a hardcore CrissColfer shipper,the ship of the actors who play Kurt and Blaine .
  • Klaine is Nikki's Valentine.
  • Nikki called Valentine's Day "Klaine Day"... not on purpose of course.