General Information
Shipped Users NikzLovesJarlos and Gleek62442
Ship status Canon
Type of Ship Best Friends
Start of Relationship May 19, 2009 or November 28, 2009 or whatever major loser

NikzGleek is the awe-tious pairing between NikzLovesJarlos and Gleek62442. They be besties for Leif Erikson Day. Hinga-dinga-dargen.


  • They met in the here chat.
  • Clifford edited Nikz porkfile with codes and sucherooni.
  • Clifford accidentally said she hated Thenikz, when he meant some other user with a similar username.
  • Nikz pixed Clifford's big fat mustake in the spelling of her name in his portable file.
  • Nikz calls Clifford The statue of Cliffordie, Cliffordie, Cliffy Wiffy, and/or Cliffy
  • Cliff wanted to duel with Nikz (Harry Potter spells) and Nikz won!
  • Both are rushers
  • Both ship Jarlos(I have proof but I think you guys will not want to see it)
  • Both like BTR
  • Nikz calls Cliffy "Chicken"
  • Clifford calls Nikz "Yellow Breasted Canary" in returrrrnnnn.
  • There was some stoopid newbie who thought Nikz and Cliffy were the same person.


  • They edited eachother's porkfile at one point.
  • They both love dots,;:-+'/
  • Both know how each other looks like.
  • Clifford has Nikki's Dot Burglar under his occupation. He's gonna get fired very soon.