This is the pairing of Ni/kz and Ci/ria.


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Relationship DynamicEdit

They are good friends and SASUSAKU BUDDIES!


  • They will fangirl over SasuSaku.


  • They both like SasuSaku.
  • They both like Naruto (manga).
  • Nikz says her voice is smexier than Ciria's
  • R.I.P page
  • Nikz likes stealing Ciria's chocolates
  • Both are NASSTAYY DIRTAY Chicks..
  • Ciria wanted to KB Nikz
  • Ciria didn't KB her because she loves Nikz
  • Ciria Blocked her PM's instead
  • Ciria Unblocked her...later
  • Both started calling each other HO for some reason....
  • Ciria is planning Nikz wedding....SHE IS TERRIBLE
  • kay so like they talk everyday and stuff
  • Nikki likes talking to Ciria about CrissColfer and glee ...
  • Nikki gives Ciria links to some Klaine CLEAN fanfics ...
  • Both agree that Darren Criss is hot and not so straight Gay
  • Ciria went and stalked a website full of Klaine fics and found a fic that Nikki didn't want to link her to because it was too *intense* dirty for her to read but she read it anyways...and loved it
  • Ciria constantly asks for links of what Nikki is reading coughklaineratedmficscough to see how dirty they are.... shejustwantstoreadpronobvs
  • They both think/talk wrong way too much...

Ciria's wonderful drawing of Nikki