Oreo (left) and Gleek (right)

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Oreo and Gleek

Start of Relationship

November 19, 2011

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Type of Ship

Best Friends (and as far as I'm concerned, I'm stuck in the friendzone)

OreoGleek is the pairing between OneAndOnly0208 and Gleek62442. They are best friends. As much as it kills me, I am stuck in the friendzone.


  • Oreo look at Clifford's profile.
  • Oreo said to Clifford that he seems mean.
  • Oreo asked if he lived in Illinois.
  • Clifford told Oreo not to take it 'the wrong way' when he was 'supposedly' mean in his profile.
  • Oreo asked how old is he.
  • Oreo said she loves Clifford's profile.
  • Clifford said that he won't tattle about... something.
  • Clifford asked why Oreo hated JaedaGleek. He also asked if she was 'jelly'.
  • Apparently, she was.
  • Oreo said on her page that OreoGleek is her OTP.
  • Oreo asked in chat to Clifford if he had a Skype.
  • They both went on Skype - alone. OK, well, we didn't really go alone. Trish and Caitlin were there too, but I saw this "joke" in the MissVilo page, and I just had to do it because @Catxcrazy thought it was perverted.


  • It was Oreo's idea to have the Romione pic, and Gleek showed the actual pic to her.
  • They are both Filipino.
  • Oreo had to explain some stuff to Clifford so that his mind would work.
  • Oreo was a bit "jelly" of JaedaGleek.
  • They both can be mean.
  • They are legally not supposed to be in this Wikia...
  • They both know how each sound like.
  • And Gleek needs to continue this list.

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