Shipped users:

Deni and PatLo

Type of ship:


Ship Status:

Best Friends.

Start date of relationship:

When PatLo was born.

PatromeDeni is the awesome pairing between PatLo and Deni. (Patrome/Lover202 + Deni). They met on chat and became best friends. They have a lot in common.


  • They shared links of conversations from omegle and LOL each other.
  • PatLo said that they needed a pairing.
  • Everyone was on TC but Deni was there with PatLo.
  • They had a convo about a user.
  • Deni showed PatLo the proof that MLH is VJ.
  • Deni always yells "MRDILL" when PatLo comes to chat.
  • And PatLo always yells "DENI". (Yes this stays on moments).


  • They both are on chat most of the time.
  • Both ship Patrome but don't mind Peddie.
  • Both like HoA.
  • They both like the "My teacher is a [pbear]" joke.
  • Both like to go to omegle and creep people out.
  • Both ship the same things outside Victorious.
  • They always PM.
  • Both like the Y U NO meme.
  • Both think MLH is Victoria Justice undercover.
  • They both prefer to stay on chat than going to TC.
  • PatLo stalks Deni.