Shipped Users

PatromeLover202 and Gleek62442

Start of Relationship

November 5, 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship

Best Friends

PatromeGleek is the pairing of PatromeLover202 and Gleek62442. They are best friends.


  • When Patrome vented that she wasn't on anyone's friends list, Clifford ask if they wanna be friends, which started their friendship.
  • Clifford was pissed off when Patrome blocked Gleek624442, because they share the same IP address.


  • They both love Patrome from House of Anubis.
  • They both vent a lot of stuff in a row which apparently annoys 2munchkin2.
  • They both have other TV shows they're obsessed with (House of Anubis/Glee).
  • They both have other ships in their favorite TV shows they're obsessed with (Patrome/St. Berry).
  • They both watched each other's shows.
  • They both ship each other's ships in different shows.
  • They both stay up late - like really late.
  • We both hate one of our parents (Patrome:Mom;Clifford:Dad) But we both hate Clifford's dad... Well, the whole Wiki does.
  • They both stalk Gareema.