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Raitlin is the super duper awesome pairing between Ref and Caitlin. This pairing has been planned for ages, but never made, so I got super bored and just made it anyway.


  • Ref asked Caitlin to be friends because she was nice.
  • Ref showed Caitlin Death Note and Caitlin loved it.
  • Caitlin makes sure Ref never gets hurt (lolza from the glittygirl page xD).
  • Ref thought Crush and Caitlin should date. (Oh my aching tentacles.)
  • Caitlin begged Ref to go on microphone on Tinychat because Caitlin wanted to hear Ref's hawt voice.
  • Cait said that she stalks Ref's tumblr.
  • Reffo helped Cait have a convo with a boy, and now Cait and that boy are now dating friends =D
  • Reffo made Cait LOVE LOVE LOVE The Legend Of Korra!


  • Ref was the first person that Caitlin talked to on chat.
  • They both love anime.
  • They both like Glee.
  • They both love to go on chat.
  • They both love Queen.
  • They both love Death Note.
  • Both used to be scared of chat.
  • Ref named her tumblr after Cait's nickname for her (Referoni).
  • Ref calls Cait Car/Nyan Cait xP
  • Reffy made Cait interested in Vocaloid now Cait is in love with it.
  • Reffy told Cait Vocaloid is voices from a computer program then Cait freaked out about how cool that is.
  • Whenever they're both on chat, they're usually PM-ing XD. So sorry if they sometimes seem out of it XD.
  • They both wuv teen titans =D
  • They both ship Beast Boy with Raven ♥
  • They usually leave chat, or BRB at the same time XD
  • They are both apart of the Cheese Family.
  • They are both apart of Ms. Caitcrazy
  • They both love dis other gurl named Muchele. Or I hope they do...