They both have Gum in their name so they're identical and Gummy has a MLP picture for every pairing so I figured this one fits.

Shipped Users

Seggum and Myowngumdrops

Start Date of Ship

Whenever Kelli joined the wiki.

Type of Ship

Stalker and Stalker (idk - they both stalk each other.)

Ship Status


Seggumdrops is the stalker and stalker friendship pairing of Gummy and Kelli (Seggum/Myowngumdrops). Neither of them have approved this page. Oh well, they'll find it eventually.


  • Gummy was stalking Mini or something and started stalking Kelli because she found out they were friends in real life and they started talking because Gummy thought Kelli was as awesome as Mini, which she isn't.
  • Kelli stalked Gummy on the Victorious Roleplaying Wiki and they had some sort of conversation. I'm too lazy to find it now. The point is they're both stalkers.


  • They both have gum in their usernames.
  • They are both friends of Mini.
  • They both take an interest in stalking.