Their OCs.

Jamie Mary2

Jellybean's other OC and Shiraz's OC.

Shellybean is the pairing of Graceyn (Sh/iraz) and Minithepeanut (J/ellybean). These two are best friends. ;)
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  • Mini left a message on Grace's talk page saying she wanted to be friends.
  • Grace gladly accepted the offer.
  • On Grace's friend list (before she deleted it) she described Mini as her infamous nicknaming girl.
  • Grace said that Mini was very awesome.
  • Mini gave Grace the nickname Shiraz- an awesome word.
  • Grace gave Mini the nickname Jellybean- YUUUUM.
  • Grace said that Mini reminded her of silverware. Mini replied saying "Should I be worried about that?"
  • Mini said she liked Grace's nickname for somebody.
  • Mini said Grace was very creative.
  • They had a discussion on what this should be named.
  • Grace thinks that Mini is one of the most creative girls ever.
  • Grace was very sad when Mini said she couldn't chat anymore.
  • Mini asked if they could make this page.
  • Once again, Grace gladly accepted the offer.
  • Mini said she really liked her nickname.
  • Grace requested that Mini and Cc stalk her OC's relationship with MLH's OC. (It makes more sense in context.
  • Mini and Grace were kinda shipwarring over Denyan and Jaustin, because Shiraz abandoned the Denyan ship and said Jaustin was superior and Mini was like "Whoa - Im'ma let you finish in a minute, but Denyan is one of the greatest ships of all time." [Quoting may be innacurate]
  • Grace was upset when Mini stopped calling her Shiraz for a bit, saying she loved that nickname.
  • Mini accidentally typed "shal" instead of "shall" because she was typing too fast for her computer to keep up and then Grace corrected her and said she was a Grammar Nazi, then Mini corrected her, saying that it was spelling, not grammar.
  • They constantly shipwar over several ships on the VRW. This started when Grace said that Jaustin was greater than Denyan, and now they argue over what's better out of Jaustin and Jamstin.
  • Mini got very angry at Grace when she kickbanned her on chat, because she failed at trying to PM her.


  • Both of them nickname people.
  • They are both close friends.
  • They are both female (uh huh).
  • Both like Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez but Grace is on team Gomez and Mini is on Team Demi.
  • They both ship Cade.
  • Mini thinks Grace is very nice x).
  • Both like funny things. Uh huh.
  • They both watch Victorious. (You couldn't guess?)
  • Both hate ship warring.
  • They both have tumblr.