Shorenry is the pairing between Colin (ImmaFatCake) who represents Shor, and HP (HPReesesPB aka 1DObidalaCupcake) who represents Enry.

This name was made because of the user Whisper122 wanting to get a good name for her dog. She said she wanted to choose between Rory, Henry, and Sheldon. HP merged them all to make Shorenry, which Colin also liked. They kept insisting that Shorenry should be the name.

They decided to name their pairing name Shorenry after that, but you can also call them HPolin.


Facts & Similarities Edit

  • Both like the dog name Shorenry.
  • HP calls Colin a womanizer, because he easily attracts female users.
  • They both ship Bade and Cabbie.
  • Thuc said HP likes Colin, in which HP replied "Thuc, NUH-UH".
  • HP said she would never go for Colin, but never say never.
  • HP says Colin has "lady cologne".
  • Thuccy wanted Colin to be HP's husband in her and HP's family, but Thuccy changed her mind because she used to date Colin and thought it would be weird if she dated her dad. XDD Oh, Thuc.