Skittles'n'Grace is the pairing of Skittles (Cat'n'Jade_DANCE) and Grace/eyn. They are dance besties and without a doubt best friends.
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  • When they first met, Grace introduced herself affably.
  • Marie (Skittles) said that she hoped they could be friends.
  • Grace asked if they could be dance besties, and Marie replied saying yes.
  • Marie said she would make them a userbox saying that they were besties for life.
  • Grace said she was having a volleyball game, and Marie wished her luck.
  • They both are planning out a typo family.
  • Once, Marie failed and spelled Grace's name as "Gracs" and now always calls her that.
  • Grace gave Marie the nickname Skittles after her candy.
  • Once, Grace failed and called Marie "Sittles", so she now always calls her "Sittles",
  • They both have said they loved each other many times.
  • Marie made a horse smiley for Grace.
  • Both had a long discussion on what to call this pairing.
  • Marie said she loved her nickname and added to her nickname list.
  • Grace plans on telling Marie her real name once she gets on chat again.
  • They had a discussion about Ariana Grande.
  • Neither of them remembered who made this page.
  • Marie said she was adding Grace to her friends list.
  • Both of their favorite actress on Victorious is Ariana, but Grace let Marie be Ariana and she said she would be Victoria.
  • Grace said that she loved Marie's awesome username.
  • Both talked about how amazing the dance smiley is.


  • Both ship Cori, Cade, Candre, Tribbie, and Variana.
  • They are dance besties.
  • Both are dancers.
  • Marie and Grace both love Ariana Grande.
  • Both love Nyan Cat.
  • They are both some of the most hardcore Arianators.
  • Marie loves her nickname.
  • Both like nicknames..
  • They both adore emotos.
  • Both like laughing ;P
  • They both hate really weird smileys.
  • Marie and Grace are both besties.
  • This page is no longer under construction thanks to Grace.
  • Grace things Marie is awesome.
  • Both like the characters Jade and Cat.
  • They are both girls :P
  • Marie and Grace both like fanfiction.

Ships Similar to ThisEdit

  • Variana (Victoria Justice & Ariana Grande) except a lot more close.