Smassy Shink is the pairing of StraightACarlaay (S/assy S/ink) and Nikki (Sm/exy Sh/ower).

Smassy Shink

Start of friendship:

December 13 2011

Ship Status:


Type of ship:



  • On Twitter, Carlaay (@CarlaayCaake) and Nikki (@CallNikkimaybe) follow and often tweet each other. They also send each other stuff on If you don't already, FOLLOW US!! :D
  • When either of them is having a bad day, they cheer each other up.
  • Both of them can't seem to think of any more moments. Although both Carlaay and Nikki agree that there are tons more out there.
  • Nikki tells Carlaay to go on chat and she does???
  • Both are part of The Bathroom Gang.
  • Both like Big Time Rush... well, Carlaay doesn't dislike them. :P
  • Both think FO is a freak. In a good way.$ Insert formula here $
  • They chat nearly everyday and always have fun doing so!
  • They both think pigs are adorable.
  • Nikki gave Carlaay a really cool picture for a Christmas present, saying she's so nice and awesome and friendly.<3
  • Carlaay is the first person Nikki talked to.
  • Nikki calls Carlaay.... CARLOSSAA
  • Carlaay says Nikki is sweet even if she is not...
  • When Nikki was sick... Carlaay told her she hoped she felt better.
  • For some reason both still have A LOT of trouble finding moments for this.
  • Nikki said that Carlaay has a big heart in a twitlonger ❤
  • Carlaay thinks Nikki is pretty!
  • Carlaay respects that Nikki doesn't like One Direction although she is a fan! x)
  • Carlaay lived in a tree just outside of Nikki's bedroom window, but Nikki burned it down.
  • Carlaay will probably correct that ^
  • Carlaay likes stalking Nikki ^_^
  • She even wanted to shower with her :O PSSHHH. THAT'S NOT TRUE. VIDEOS ARE ENOUGH.
  • She likes video-taping her. (Don't worry.. the shower cams are waterproof.)
  • They sometimes greet each other like "Hey my stalkee"
  • Nikki loves Carlaay a lot <3
  • They often play truth or dare in PM.
  • They always listen to each other.
  • Carlaay read Nikki the definition of coffee.
  • They have trolled Cc more than once. YOU MAD!?
  • cuz we be cool boo
  • Once, Nikki called Carlaay "duckling". Carlaay then proceeded to name some baby animals she could call Nikki, including foal, joey, and calf, but then randomly decided on hedgehog, which isn't even a baby animal. (Hence the picture.) They were both lmao'ing about this.
  • i got nothing now bye
  • They both like All About Tonight by Pixie Lott.
  • Carlaay forced Nikki to marry her ._.
  • Carlaay wished Nikki Happy Easter. Nikki came on chat and said, "CARLAAAAAAAAY HAPPY EASTER DUCKLING ❤" and Carlaay said "trololololo just a hedgehog passin through" hahaha
  • They sometimes tweet each other cute hashtags:D and then RT.
  • They help each other de-stress, iykwim. 
  • They sent each others photos of the moon, Carlaay even sent a video cuz she's just so romantic.
  • They like to roleplay.
  • They're ABBA nerds and like Mamma Mia.
  • Carlaay puts up with Nikki's fangirling about Klaine, jk, it's cute and she would totes look at it voluntarily.
  • Nikki thought all Carlaay does in her afternoons is sit outside in her backyard and watch the street while listening to crickets.
  • Nikki loves Carlaay's crickets. A lot. ;)
  • They had some disputes about Snow White.
  • They both don't like history? I think.
  • Both of them are into Barbie movies and still go on swingsets... shhhh.
  • Carlaay LOVES Nikki's niece. (: who called her Santana for some reason.
  • Carlaay has a shirt that says Haute Nights in Nikki's favorite colors, 'nuff said ;)
  • Both of them like NYC and Demi Lovato a lot.
  • Nikki loves oxfords, but Carlaay only has one pair.