General Information
Shipped Users IamJaylo and StraightACarlaay
Ship status Buddies
Type of Ship Umm, the kind that comes after shampoo but before conditioner
Start of Relationship ummm, not shore when... hmm.

StraightAJaylo is the incredibly fantastic friendship pairing between StraightACarlaay and IamJaylo.


  • When Jaylo asked Carlaay if she was talking to Jaylo when she said something along the lines of "We should make a pairing page one of these days", Carlaay replied, "Yes :D @JLo"
  • Carlaay said this page should be called StraightAJaylo because there's too many Carlaay's and Iam's in pairing names already.
  • Jaylo complimented Carlaay on her profile pic, which is totally her.
  • Carlaay told Jaylo the origin of her username.
  • On the iCarly wiki, Jaylo asked Carlaay, "Do you remember me? :P" and Carlaay responded by saying, "Of course I do!"
  • On one of Kelsijo1's survey blogs on the Victorious wiki, JLo said that she considers Carlaay her best friend. <3
  • Carlaay thinks JLo lives in a cool country.
  • Carlaay gets really excited when she seeds JLo on chat anywhere.
  • On Singstar2745's "Randomity!" blog on the Victorious Wiki , both users commented that they thought the name for these blogs was actually "Randominity". On the same blog, JLo also agreed with Carlaay's comment by saying "hells yes! ^^^^^ \(^.^)/"


  • They are both girls.
  • They are both not boys.
  • They always say hi to each other on chat.
  • They are both awesome.. like duhh x)
  • They both adore iCarly.
  • They both love Victorious.
  • Carlaay calls Jaylo JLo because she originally thought Jaylo stood for J-Lo, as in, Jennifer Lopez.