Shipped Users

Gracia and Crayon

Start Date of Ship

October 12, 2011

Ship Status

Cyber sistahs. That's right be jel.

Type of Ship

Friendship/Slightly Romantic/Abusive Wives.

Yup, this is already a ship. But I decided to remake it 'cuz the other one is so messed up. xD Sooooo you can delete the other one! Partay.


  • Both agreed they both had great minds, back in the day. *cries*
  • They always dance on each other's graves.
  • Gracia kills Ciria all the time, and in fact is killing her right now >:)
  • Gracia made Ciria a Twitter.
  • Ciria hacked Gracia's Twitter. Gracia hacked Ciria's Twitter.
  • Ciria taught Gracia to say "lawl".
  • Both agreed about hating.. never mind.
  • Gracia loves to say SasuSaku, Ciria's OTP for life, sucks even though she doesn't really know what it is.
  • Gracia stayed up till midnight just to say happy birthday to Ciria.
  • Gracia was the first one to give Ciria birthday presents.
  • Ciria showed Gracia an old forum profile, and Gracia laughs herself to sleep every night about it.
  • They always fangirl over LILO.


  • They are cyber sisters, and both are in each other's mental very best internet friend list.
  • Both probably own you.
  • They both ship FairyCiria, Candre, TVF Gang and Cizyn.

I'll finish this later.

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