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Shipped Users

Horse and Jo

Start Date of Ship

625 million years ago, when they swam with the jellyfish!

Ship Status

Good FriendsBesties! <3

Type of Ship


This is the awesomesauce pairing of SunriseHorse/Forever (Horse) and Kelsi/jo/1 (Jo). It be cool. They are best friends! Woop! Partay..


  • When they first met, Horse wished Jo luck with her dance recital.
  • Jo replied with thanks and asked to be friends.
  • Horse did Jo's profile for her. Jo gave her $995495509.90.
  • Sunrise hates being called 'Horse', and Kelsi hates being called 'Jo', so after Sunrise called Kelsi Jo, Kelsi called her Horse.
  • They both wanted this pairing, but Horse made it 'cuz Jo's super lazy.
  • Horse said Jo was one of her best wiki friends (along with 4 others) and Jo said Horse was her best wiki friend.
  • They always scream "HORSEEEE" and "JOOOOO" on chat over and over, without spamming.
  • Jo congratulated Horse on becoming a mod...and then they became mod buddies? Idk.


  • Both are chat moderators on the Victorious Wiki.
  • Jo is Horse's role model. Not.
  • Both loooooove to be mean to FO.

Official StuffEdit

Official AnimalEdit

  • Horse, because Jo calls Sunrise 'Horse'.

Official PersonEdit

  • Jo, Kelsi's cousin, because Sunrise calls Kelsi 'Jo'. Creepy, right?!

Official PositionEdit

  • Chat mod because they're both epicsasuce mods on the VW.

Official BookEdit

  • Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen, 'cuz they both love the book.
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