SunriseNikki is the pairing of Gravy and Nikki.


Type of ship

Friendship, Good Friends♥

Start Date of Ship

January 2012


  • Elena (THAT'S RIGHT, PEOPLE, THAT'S RIGHT) congratulated Nikki when she was nominated for the Rusher's Choice Awards. (Whatever that is...)
  • They both follow each other on Twitter.
  • Elena made up One Direction puns just for Nikki and they both fell out of their seats laughing.
  • They stick togetha and are good friends.
  • Both know about le piggy wiki. :3
  • Elena came up with this ship name 'cuz Nikki's way too lazy to think of one.
  • Elena was worried when Nikki tweeted about her dad.
  • Both can play le guitar.
  • Nikki loves Big Time Rush, and Elena strongly dislikes them, but prefers them over One Direction. xD
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