That Odd Cait is the awesomesauce pairing between That Odd Guy and Cait.

That Odd Cait
General Information
Shipped Users That Odd Guy and Cait
Ship status Canon
Type of Ship Parebears

Moments and TriviaEdit

  • Cait was the only user who was kind to That Odd Guy when he first joined the Victorious wiki.
  • Cait nicknames That Odd Guy "Barbie".
  • Cait thinks Barbie is funny.
  • Barbie is friends with Cait.
  • Cait is friends with Barbie.
  • They go on Tinychat a lot.
  • Cait loves Barbie's voice.
  • They are friends.
  • They love the Thespian Pig.
  • Cait copied Barbie...