That Odd Gleek
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We're two snazzy old chaps!

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Gleek62442 and That Odd Guy

That Odd Gleek is the pairing between That Odd Guy and Gleek62442. They are both nawetious.


  • In Tinychat, Bucky wondered what Cliiiiiffford was doing.................
  • Clifford imagined Bucky as Michael Buckley from What the Buck.


  • They both made lame Hannah Montana references.
  • They both dun go to the Victorious Wiki for Victorious.
  • They both like Glee.
  • They both like Blaine from Glee, according to local teen pop sensation, Ms. reference.
  • They're both awkward young boys. which is something that will never change.
  • They both talk loud in Tinychat.
  • That Odd Guy likes throwing water at Gleek.
  • They both think Ms. reference is....interesting.
  • For some reason That Odd Guy told Caitling to throw various objects at Cliff including a chair