The Avatar Buddies
General Information
Ship status Canon
Type of Ship BFFLS
Start of Relationship In the beginning, there was nothing...
The Avatar Buddies are those awesome people who all have matching avatars because they're all besties or something like that. Well, Mini made the avatars, so they're all friends of Mini's. This pairing consists of Allison, Carlaay, Cecelia, Ciria (honorary status since she is included but doesn't have the avatar), Gummeh, Jaeda, Liz, Mini and Vilo. You probably think they're really awesome for having matching avatars and think you should copy them. You shouldn't.


  • They all chat at random times, mostly not all at the same time.
  • They're all buddies.
  • They all agree that Vilo sucks. Even Vilo
  • They all (except Ciria who I don't even think is online atm) have a matching set of avatars.
  • Mini made a matching set of avatars for the group.
  • A lot of them ship Milo and have weird obsessions with it.


  • They all have some sort of star on the Victorious Wiki. Ciria and Cc are bureaucrats, Allison is an admin and Carlaay, Gummeh, Jaeda, Liz, Mini and Vilo are all mods.
  • They all have twitter even if Liz doesn't use hers.