The Bathroom Gang
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Start date of ship

March 14th, 2012

Ship type

Group pairing, Friends

The Bathroom Gang is a group of crazies who feel the need to be represented by bathroom stuffs. Some are more disgusting than others. *cough* You might wana hold your nose before moving on down this page.



  • Nikz and CC invented this "group" Cc told Nikz that Seggy calls her Caca, and thus this grand idea bloomed from Nikz's crazy head. :P
  • Seggy said she would LOVE to flush the toilet paper
  • All got freaked out...
  • They are all friends....
  • Seggy is a hot toilet who ever sits in it they get burn
  • Nikz is a smexy shower
  • Obvs the whole bathroom is smexy!!
  • They fought to see what pic to use in the infobox.
  • Nikki ironically likes coming on chat on her iPad while being in the restroom.
  • Nikki has said that the people here are her wiki besties
  • They are all Team Talk Page

Official ChizEdit

Song-Call me maybe

Place-Their not so secret anymore wiki

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