The Roar Family


Kitty Roar
Mini Roar
Fork Roar
Gummy Roar
Cheddar Roar - Adopted by Mini on November 6, 2011
Munchkin Roar - Adopted by Kitty on November 6, 2011.
Luna Roar - Adopted by Kitty on November 7, 2011
Ninja Roar - Adopted by Munchkin on November 7, 2011
JP Roar - Adopted by Kitty on November 9, 2011
Aya Roar - Adopted by Mini on November 12, 2011
Carlaay Roar - Adopted by Mini on November 12, 2011
MLH Roar - Adopted by Kitty on November 12, 2011
Az Roar - Adopted by Mini on November 13, 2011.
Cece Roar - Adopted by Mini on November 14, 2011
Oreo Roar - Adopted by Mini on November 14, 2011.
Cat Roar - Adopted by Cece on December 2, 2011
Grace Roar - Adopted by Cece on December 4, 2011
Gleek Roar - Adopted by Mini on December 19, 2011
Reffy Roar - Adopted by Gummy on December 29, 2011.

Pets & Others

Fish the Dragon-Fish
Ant the Ant
Newjug, The Hobo that Lives in Our House.
Tweety the Canary

The Roar Family is the Family Pairing of Kittycat1010, Minithepeanut, Seggum, ForeverObssesed, BlueString19, Ant157349, 2munchkin2, Newjug, Luna-daughter of Artemis, BadeFanForever, Jaedaspop, Ayamas4ever, StraightACarlaay, Mrs.leohoward, Azulatatis, Cc71, Songbird341, OneAndOnly0208, Catxcrazy, Graceyn, Gleek62442, Ms. reference and Pisces214.

The Roar Family also has its own Wiki.

This pairing has nothing to do with any other pairings except for GummyKitty1010.

Welcome To Our Family Webpage <3Edit

The Roar family is a very welcoming family, and will probably let you join their family.

If you would like to join our family, ask anyone if they will adopt you.

They will probably say yes or no. Unless there's a better answer than yes and no.

Happy Birthday to Oreo Roar :D

Featured RoomEdit

Featured Room For February, 2012Edit

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This month's featured room is Az's Bedroom.

Vote for Next Month's Featured RoomEdit

Vote For Featured Room For March 2012

The poll was created at 09:59 on February 2, 2012, and so far 11 people voted.

Family TreeEdit


Kitty: October 10

Mini: August 20

Gummy: March 24

Fork: May 0

Cheddar: February 19

Ant: May 23

Munchkin: August 3

NJ: November 11

Luna: December 7

Ninja: December 20

JP: August 21

Aya: October 27

Carlaay: November 13

MLH: June 18

Az: December 15

Cece: July 1

Tweety: April 13

Fish: March 86

Oreo: February 8

Cat: February 1

Graceyn: January 13



The Roar Family's House!Edit

  • This Is The Roar's Family's House.Go to
  • This Is Also The Roar's Family's House It's Joined With The Other One.Go to
  • This Is The Bright, Colorful Playhouse. Don't You Just Looove It?Go to
  • Mini's Bedroom.Go to
  • Kitty's Bedroom.Go to
  • Fork's Bedroom.Go to
  • Aya's Bedroom.Go to
  • Ninja's Bedroom.Go to
  • Gummy's Bedroom.
  • Carlaay's Bedroom.
  • MLH'S Bedroom.
  • Cheddar's Bedroom.
  • DragonFish's Bedroom.
  • Tweety's Antique Cage
  • Munchkin's bedroom.
  • Az' Bedroom
  • Newjug's Messy Bedroom.
  • Oreo's Bedroom.
  • Roar Family's Living Room.Go to
  • House's Entrance.Go to
  • Our Kitchen.Go to
  • Our dining room.
  • Swimming Pool.Go to
  • Our garden.
  • Our Den.Go to
  • Our Merry Go Round In The Playhouse.
  • Inside Our Playhouse.
  • Second Storey Of Our Playhouse.
  • Playing.
  • Slides In The Playhouse.
  • Play-centre.
  • Gummy's Pretty PRIVATE Bathroom.
  • Aya's Bathroom.Go to
  • Mini's Bathroom.
  • Kitty's Bathroom.
  • Munchkin's Bathroom.
  • Az' Bathroom
  • MLH's Bathroom
  • Fork's Bathroom.Go to
  • Ninja's Bathroom.Go to http://victo
  • Cheddar's Bathroom.
  • Our Limo.Go to
  • Inside Our Limo.Go to
  • Mini's Car.Go to
  • Kitty's Car.

The Roar Gallery!Edit

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  • Family Tree
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