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I'll give you my songthese words to you

Roarfamily This user is a proud member of The Roar Family.
Image-9783-PA-2060-mainOur house plane This user loves the Roar house.
Ryan Denise This user is a hardcore Denyan Shipper!

LeoCc71 This user knows Cc is the key to MLH's lock. <33333

Trinjin This user knows that Ccarlaay is waay cooler than Trinjin!♥

Superherodogs This user knows Catxcrazy & Cc71 are best pals!

1355 Mare-and-Foal web This user knows Cctoria are super close!

3325172 orig This user loves their Grandma

Tumblr lwdd610ynU1r7dyr9o1 500 This user loves Ccikz!
Tumblr m0orzuCJOn1ro1ozlo2 500 This user doesn't understand how Cc & Nikz are both bros and wifeys!

Bear...Cc is receiving a bear hug from StraightACarlaay at the moment.

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