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I am Goddess Gareema of the heavens and below. I am plotting against Queen Ciria. Pharoah Liz (InsaneBlueberry) has allied with me. Pharoah Liz and I plan to overthrow Ciria and rule her lands. If you are Queen Ciria reading this, note this:

Enjoy your last few days ruling.

My Favorite Ships ♥

Sorry If I forgot to add any ships I'm in. I love you so much. Extra love to you if I forgot. <3

Caps CrewEdit

Amazingness!! It consists of my two best friends on the wiki. My dear Liz and Ciria! We're all goofy and our personalities blend perfectly :) Our catchphrase is CAPS! :D

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Ciria is amazing. She was my second friend on the Victorious Wiki. I remember when I was hesitant to ask her how to make my profile all cool, and when she replied she made me smile. Her kindness was too much. We're still best friends to this day.

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I love this ship! Me and Liz have such an amazing friendship. I always admired her, and I still do. Liz, you rock! I love you to death. ♥ xD I can even impersonate her perfectly: Lalala...DO YOU GUYS LOVE HAN SOLO!!!!!


This user loves Lizoward. ♥


I love this ship a lot. WierdPuppet is one of my best friends on this wiki, ever. He's like a cyber big brother to me. I can impersonate him, too! Watch: ahh. See? He always says that. heh, I'm WierdPuppet. ahh. xD Luv ya, dude. ♥

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Ahhh the gang! One of my OTPs! It conisists of all my besties!! Well, most of them. We haven't all been online at the same time in a while, but I still remember how fun it was when the chat was filled wih just us. I love you guys! (:

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My relationship with Seggy Weggy is super strong. She's one of my best friends on this wiki. I love her randomness and she's super mature for her age. She's obsessed with The Hunger Games and Peeta so that makes her even cooler. ;]

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Alrighty. This ship right here is tight amazing. FO and I are super close. FO is just pure awesomeness. She loves "JOSHYYY" like me, so that makes her awesome-er. xD Love ya, FO! ♥


This user lives for ForeverLeoHoward moments like this. <3333


Pure awesomeness right here. We all have a special connection. This ship is amazing. I don't know what else to say. This ship is too awesome for words.

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Vilo is so awesomesauce. He's one of my best friends ever. He's always there to help me with any of my problems, and he never fails to make me laugh. He's the craziest and funniest guy ever. Luv ya! ♥ ;]

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Cc is too awesome. I love her SO much. She is a complete darling, and the ultimate jokster. She's too much...but in a good way, I guess. xD

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Yeah buddy! This ship is awesome! KatyKat is a sweetheart. I love her a lot. She's one of my best friends. :D {C}

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Yeah Peeta! Oh gosh, Nat is soooooo awesomesauce. She's the craziest girl I've ever met. Butttt, I accepted her, like she accepted me. We're both crazy. :P

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This ship is truly amazing. It's one of my OTPs. Nirenberge213 was my very first friend on the wiki. She's been with me...through everything. She showed me how to customize my profile, she helped me through real life situations, and we're still best friends to this day. We love messing with each other's profile page and writing nasty stuff :{)

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I love this!! Me and AZ are besties!! Our friendship is amazing!! We ship the exact same things!! And, we have a dirty little secret....>:) I love you AZ!!

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Mini. Gawd. She is downright adorable. I want to squish her cheeks across the internet or something. She's too cute! :D <333333

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Kitty is like the sweetest girl ever. She's got such a soft heart, and I love her. This pairing rocks....a lot.

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OMG. SUCH AN AMAZNG PAIRING. THIS GIRL...RIGHT HERE....IS AMAZING. She's so silly and sweet and awesome. :P I love Kelsi a lot. ♥

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Haay, person reading this! xD Heheehe. I love this ship. Me + StraightACarlaay = Haay! I love her sooo much. She is literally the nicest person on the wiki. Her fun attitude is so amazing. Props to her. ♥

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OMG. I love Clifford so much. Clifford is such a fun guy to be around. He's so hillarious and awesome and lovable. xD He's seriously a fun guy to be around. ♥

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Grace is so amazing. We've had our fights, but she's stuck with me through thick and thin, and I just love her. She is one of my besties on the wiki. ♥

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OMG. I love Caitlin so much. xD. She's my LALALA and my wrong buddy. We have like everything in common. You should get to meet her. She's awesome.



Deni rocks so hard. Have you met her? My Matt loving freak, just like me. ;] She's so awesome and funny. :D I love you Deni! ♥



OMG. CXC is amazing. She's so sweet and nice and such a cutie! You should totally be friends with her. If you aren't...SHAME...Heh. Love you, girl.

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The Odd FamilyEdit

I love this ship. They are....are *twitch* really amazing. Ciria and her destructive past, and then Liz going all murderous with me. We live together. And the funny thing is, we never know who'll be alive by morning! Heh. Our house is really cool. My room is awesome ans stuff. I love trying to kill them. It's fun. The only bad part about this ship is the stpid nurses. They keep coming at me with the needle and take me to the special room. I don't mind the special room, though. He talks to me when I fart.

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The Roar FamilyEdit

The Roar Family is too epic to handle. All of my friends are in there, and we have a blast. Our house is really amazing, too. My room is pretty awesome. It's funny, the room I had originally wanted was FO's room, but I was too late, so she got it. GRRR, FO. :(

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