aka Emily, Emi, Em, whateva.

  • I live in a world full of unicorns and rainbows.
  • My occupation is Student/Dancahhhhhhh
  • I am married to Harry Styles. Yesh.

*Coughcough* Let me clear my throat here....ah ha! Hey. I love Victorious. The wiki is my passion. ;] User relationships are amazing.

The Obsessive Shipper/Victorious Addict. Have a perfect day.


Urgh...MLH is writing all over my page. Don't pay attention to ANYTHING she says. ACTUALLY, YOU SHOULD. SHE WRITES THE TRUTH. :) Lol, sorry Emily. SEEEEEEEE???!?!?!??!!

HEY THERE!! You have Emily, right here on your very own computer screen! Or whatever electronic device you may be using. I love the wiki, my friends on the wiki, and VICTORIOUS!! I am a very funky, fun loving, goofy, and sometimes proper person that loves to make friends and spend time online. I'm a dancer, and dancing is my passion. Ballet, lyrical, and pre-pointe. 5 classes total...and I want to take more, haha. I am in love with dance. :] Ariana Grande, Liz Gillies, and Demi Lovato are my inspirations. I love all three so much. Ariana&Demi are my absolute role models, and Liz is just amazing.

My PairingsEdit



MLH and I are absolute soul sisters, so I totally ship this. It's one of my OTPs. Haha, I love her, and we are total sisters of the Internet. Or like Sisters From Another Mister...or like....oh, whatever. We love each other. Haha. She and I have been, everything together. Even jealousy, and we became even better friends 'cause of it. Together FOREVER. ;] We write all over each other's profiles when no one's looking. And you don't wanna look. lol.

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Liz and I are really good friends. She's so wacky and silly and fun, and I love every second of time we get to talk to each other. I admire her a lot. She's an amazing author, and I love listening about Color Guard from her. I love getting messages from her, and I love when she writes her crazy looking comments with strikes and caps. I love her!

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Emily (Ariana) and StraightACarlaay (Miranda).


Carlaay and I are really really great friends. (Besties imo.) She's so much fun to talk to, and I love our little strike wars. She's so cute with her enthusiasm and excitement. But when she's irritated, I have to laugh, because she can be such a priss. ;] Just kidding, lol. no i'm not. she's a terrible person and i hate her a lot. haha, carlaay, now you know the truth!! i'm prettier than you. Um...don't ask. lol. ................You better WATCH IT. xD ~StraightACarlaay

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Katily: Edit

Nikki and I are like....besties. She was my very first friend, so she totally has this amazing place in my heart. I love her to pieces. She's my little Classic Rocker. Haha. We are both totally in love with Bat and Queen. She's so sweet and it was such an honor to become her friend. :] I can't really imagine what this wiki would be like if she wasn't my friend. I wouldn't be as outgoing, that's fo sure. (no, that wasn't a spelling mistake. i meant to make it look like "fo". Like fo shizzle or something.) LOVE YOU, KATYKAT!!!!!

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The Odd Family: Edit

Haha, I love this! My *spasm* family is *twitch* amazing! I enjoy all of the member because all of them are *spasm* of course, my *twitch* family! I am The Insane Girl Who Constantly has Spasms and Twitches. Which really *twitch, twitch* makes sense, doesn't it? Well, my family is very interesting which makes me love them. After all, who am I not to love my own FAMILY???? lol. And Liz will be KILLED BY ME!! HAHA, LIZ!!! *gets put on a gurney and is carried to the Special Room and gets blocks on her hands*

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Mini the Pirate's Crew of the Wikid: Edit

Argh. I be Chef Burger on the swashbucklin' ship of The Infamous Cap'n Mini the pirate. I are the third scallywag ter join the deck and b'come a pirate. Cap'n scribbled me a note aft'r she failed to chit chat with me askin' if I wanted to be the chef. I now be the chef of th' crew, preventin' scurrrvy. We seen great sea beasties and eaten big buckets 'o' chum. Me lookin' ferwerd ter gold capturin' and socerizin' with the Cap'n and the crew!!!

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Marie is the sweetest thing on Earth. She's so cute and kind and so nice to everyone! She's also a dancer, so we always bond over everything. She's one of my absolute best friends on this wiki. I can trust her, and you bet your cheese sauce that she can trust me!! I absolutely adore her, and I can't imagine being without her!

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NirenOnly: Edit

OneAndOnly is a doll. I love that she trusts me so much! We have this amazing relationship and an unbreakable friendship. She and I are just so...I don't know. We're just meant to be buds! lol. I love her so much! "Loves!" lol. She's always saying that to me. I'll ALWAYS be here for her! She's the best girl ever. I love her!!

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