Okay, so FO is like my very best friend back at the Victorious wiki (well, one of them). This ship is just so amazing! We have a great bond. :) ♥

Ariana-grande-elizabeth-gillies-give-up-05 This user knows ForeverToria is 100% amazing. ♡


MLH is one of my very best friends, no doubt. She's so sweet and has helped me out with a lot of things. This is one of my OTPs. ♥

GraceyandMLH This user loves Garace. ♥


Jo is so awesome! Words cannot describe how much I love her ♥ She's my mod buddy, and we both love dance. She's one of my besties.

Taylor swift and selena gomez 2-1- This user loves SunriseHorseJo!


Another one of my OTPs. Ciria helps me out with everything and is always there for me! I would be crazy not to love this ship. ;)

Ciraceyneeee This user thinks Ciraceyn is awesome!


Liz is an amazing girl! She makes me so happy. ;) She`s so hilarious, and makes me roll on the floor laughing, literally. She`s one girl that can brighten my day. It`s one of my OTPs.

Tumblr lfqsg0EZY51qe6nuzo1 500 This user knows Liz and Gracey are best friends! ♥


Gummy is one of my best wiki friends ever. She`s so hilarious... ♡ Oh gosh, how am I supposed to describe her?She`s so odd but I love her so much ♡

Fgg This user knows that GummyGreenBunny are best friends!


I love my Cc. ♡ She`s just so adorable, and I have no clue why! xD She`s such an epicsauce friend of mine and a best friend, no doubt.

1355 Mare-and-Foal web This user knows Cctoria are super close!

TVF Gang:Edit

What`s so amazing about this ship? Everything ;) ♡ It`s my crew and all of them are one of my best friends ever online. They`re all so sweet and I thank them all so much. :D

Creative-Emmys-Leon-Thomas-Ariana-Grande-Matt-Bennett-Avan-Jogia-Liz-Gillies-e1315759432223 This user LOVES the TVF Gang!


Az is one of my good wiki friends. She`s so fun and upbeat and amazing :D ♡ She`s my Mexican buddy, and I just love her so much! She`s a great girl. ;)

Victoria-Justice-Ariana-Grande-5 This user loves Azulaceyn! ♥


This ship here is amazing. It makes me wanna smile. She`s one of my best friends ever and an awesomesauce chat buddy xP

4913175669 48496beb8c This user ships and loves Catoria


Emily is quite amazing. She makes me smile and she makes me so happy. I just love her so much :D I really miss her... the little random talks we used to have. We should really talk by now, Emily, dear! :D

AriAndAlexa This user loves Gemily so much, that they would cover themselves in paint!


Marie! I love her so much. :D She makes me wanna smile so big, and she's my second dance bestie. She`s so great. :D If you don`t know her, your life is so not complete. ;)

Tumblr lk4jtlghhr1qdk1gpo1 500-2 This user ships Skittles'n'Grace!


I ♡ Deni so much! She`s such an epic girl. ;) I met her on chat and instantly liked her. She`s around a lot, so you should definitely talk to her if you don`t know her. I ♡ her so much and she`s one of my awesomesauce friends xD

AvianaGrace2 This user loves AvianaGrace!


Carlaay is the sweetest thing ever! She`s so mannered and one of my very, VERY best friends. :D She`s my cyber twin and I smile so hard whenever I talk to her. She`s just such a sweet girl. (: ♡

Miranda-und-ariana-600x470-113311 This user loves GraceACarlaay with all their heart!


Nikki is one of my all-time best friends. ♡ She`s my newest friend, but I love her dearly and she makes me so happy! She`s my fellow classic rocker and she`s so flipping awesome xD

33998 Elizabe Gillies Ariana Grande You do not know how much this user loves GraceKat. ♡


Mini is so awesome! She's super cool and my fellow nicknamer although her nicknames are way better than mine x] We both have this crazy big passion for Denyan and she's just really awesome. Userbox to come...


OMG. Tweety is so awesome. She's really sweet and like the bomb. She's a great Fanfiction writer too, so seriously, read her stories. I just love her so much <3

HomeBird This user loves HomeBird.


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