Vadeh Is The Pairing Between Vilo And Badeh.



- They are both seen together regularly on Victorious Wiki chat.

- When they come on chat they scream BADEEEEEEEEEEEEEH or VILOOOOOOOOOOOOO and have a competition.

- They made up "Darth Vadeh" on the chat.

- They PM each other when there are awkward situations on main chat. xD

- Badeh recently found out that when Vilo says 'BRB', he means 'Let Me Take A 3 Hour Jog And Then Come Back'. xD

- They share the emoticon "xD".

- They know that the both of them are Awesomesauce!

- They both realized that they don't have too many moments xD.

- They Were On FlockDraw And Were Drawing Awesomesauce Pictures Together!


- They Know What Each Other Sound Like.

- They Are Very Close Friends.

- Badeh Knows How Old Vilo Is.

- Vilo Is Badeh's Brother And Badeh Is Vilo's Sister

  • This ship is adorable.
  • Many people like this because it's so cute. /nods

Things They Have In CommonEdit

- They Both Like To TinyChat.

- They Both Love Coca-Cola.


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