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4chumblr = Veni.

Shipped users:

Vilo and Deni

Type of ship:


Ship Status:

Boss buddies.

Start date of relationship:


Veni is the awesome pairing between Vilo and Deni. V/ilo+D/eni. They are boss buddies.


  • Both love trolling.
  • Both go to 4chan even if Deni is scared of it.
  • They are like the pairing 4chumblr.
  • They PM a lot.
  • Both enjoy Dubstep, guitar, Muse, RHCP, deadmau5, Skrillex and all that awesome crap.
  • Vilo calls Deni "That Tumblr chick" and Deni calls Vilo "Farmvilo".
  • Deni understands Vilo's Innuendos.
  • Both like... Stuff.
  • They follow each other in Twitter.


  • They TCed alone.
  • They troll together *Evil Wink*.
  • They once PMed a lot, that there were about 3000+ messages on the VWChat.
  • They shout their names when any of both enter chat.
  • Deni gave Vilo an innuendo cookie.
  • Dghs