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Welcome to Victorious User Relationships Wiki! Here you can find pages of userships of Victorious Wiki users. We're all a big family, although there are some people who have a very strong friendship between each other more so than the others.

What Is A User Ship?

A usership is a combination of users. It is typically a pairing, but it can also be a tri-ship or a larger gang.

Featured Pairing

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JaedaGleek is the usership pairing of Jaedaspop and Gleek62442. They have been friends since November, 2011. They are very good friends and have a lot in common. They both love Harry Potter, A Very Potter Musical, Gifs and several other things, and they both sung "Ginny Song" from AVPM on chat, which is also why it was chosen as their official song.

Featured Moment

Cc once wrote Ciria in her history notes instead of Syria because she was half asleep. Yeah, that's creepy I know... -Cciria


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Green bedroom This user loves Kitty's room.


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