WierdHoward is the friendship pairing between Mrs.leohoward/WierdPuppet. They are best friends.

Relationship DynamicEdit

The two have a brother sister relationship. Like a good, loyal brother, WierdPuppet never gets mad at Mrs.leohoward. And like a good sister, Mrs.leohoward is very caring toward WierdPuppet.

Shipping MomentsEdit

  • They have declared to be best friends.
  • They have an official time to meet up on Victorious Wiki chat.
  • WierdPuppet has a nickname for Mrs.leohoward, which is MLH.
  • Mrs.leohoward has a nickname for WierdPuppet, which is WP.
  • They are always chatting on each other's talk page.
  • Nirenberge213, a user on the Victorious Wiki, said she has in the past shipped people together on the wiki. WierdHoward was one of them (brother/sister relation only).
  • Azulatatis another Victorious Wiki user also ships WierdHoward
  • Once, MLH kickbanned WP on accident, and WP didn't get bad at all. How sweet?
  • MLH always worries when WP is gone for over a week.
  • They TP a lot.
  • No ship pwns this.


  • They both love Cabbie.
  • They met on September 6, 2011.

Fan RepresentationEdit

Official Song:Edit

Lean On Me, because they often cope with each other with thier problems.