Zatt is the friendship paring between Z and Matt. Matt and Z are good



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March 16th, 2012

friends and stick up for one another.

What Matt and Z have to sayEdit

BatPeddieSeddieSibuna's VerisonEdit left, so I (BatPeddieSeddieSibuna) decided to edit it, because I'm bored.Of course, he didn't let me make the intro paragraph random, like I would have. He edited the intro paragraph, blame him. Anyway, we met at Community Central, when I was trying to get the Emoticons to work for Anubis News (And back then, I was an admin on it.). I asked, "Does anyone know how to get emoticons to work?" and Z said "Yes," I believe. I gave him the link, and made him chat mod. I thought then he could edit MediaWiki pages. Epic fail. Well, Rachel got mad at me, so I had to demod him. Then....Perry noticed that me and Z agreed on many things. So Perry thought we were the same person Perry started it.. We had a "trial" which was also our first fight. This led to many more fights. So.....technically, Perry started the fights. But I shouldn't be getting into that. and many hours later, Z appeared on chat. Many hours later again, the fighting stopped, and I was demoted. But since then, we have helped each other out and such. We have had a few fights, however. We have been friends for awhile. I'm bored.Strikes are fun Anyway.... we have had some fights, but we have made up. Ok, I'm so bored, I guess you wanna hear a story. Once there was the Anubis News May 2012 Awards. Yes, Z, I'm this bored. Too bored, and I couldn't come up with a story. Perry and Z worked hard. No one showed up. They were mad at the people who didn't show up, but were invited. Bat was invited, and didn't show up. Bat went to Anubis News. They were mean to him. I stood up for Bat. Me and Z weren't friends anymore. Z was mad at me for not sticking up for him. We became friends again. The end. I'm too lazy right now, so... I'll put more later.

--Normal's boring. GO BAT!!!!!!!!!!!! We can't ALL come and go by A BUBBLE! 19:26, June 2, 2012 (UTC)

Z!'s VerisonEdit

Matt is an amazing friend...he's always been there for me and is extremley freindly....He's always helping me out when I need it...the way he comforts me when I'm down. We seem to have the same intrests in things so...why shouldn't we be freinds? I'm always gonna be there for Matt ;)

Zatt SongsEdit

Cross The Line by Superchick

Superchick - Cross The Line

Superchick - Cross The Line

Superchick - Cross The Line